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Friday, February 24, 2006

3 Sessions, 1 Process, Go Free!

The biggest 'beef' people have with any 1-on-1 type of consulting is the time it takes to 'get it' and move on. I agree. The real 'learning' goes on out in the everyday world. Most clients come to me with physical and emotional issues that are stemming from a chronic inability to relate to themselves and others as well. We are somatically linked. I know! Take a look at how I'm planning to condense things down and launch us in a wonderful new direction -- "up & out"...All of this is in anticipation of the Soma Spotting teleclasses, which will transform how you embody the events of your life, including the ones you actually experience and the ones you cook up that make the day worth living.
New Options for 2006
Here's a fast preview of what I have in store for The Extended Self Program this year. I've taken into account the pile of e-mails, phone calls and conversations I have with clients and determined that what we really need to focus on community. That's why I'm re-orienting the protocols here to instill that message in each private client I see here. There will now be an opportunity to participate in an ongoing conversation with a new circle of lifestyle experts that are beginning to share their work with me through the new "Light The Path" web platform. More on that next month.

For now, I want to focus on the nature of the Live Sessions at the YES Center. In the past, we had several different protocols running which made each case a universe 'onto' itself. This drives us in the opposite direction of fostering a sense of community. The recent inclusion of the language of the 4 Domains has made it much easier to explore the nature of somatics and the awakenings we each experience, as life and well-being develop a sense of coherence.

Below I've described the menu of services we now have at our disposal to make our collaboration a lasting success.

If you've been a client prior to 2006...
Our Live Sessions have centered on the 'bodylearning' dimension. My background in chiropractic works like a kissing cousin to the somatic process and I've been able to use the 'stage' of the adjusting table as an informal and implicit way to help you experience yourself. I intend to keep that basic experience in place for you. All I'm going to do now is offer you the 2006 protocol as an alternate path. I realize most of you enjoy our relationship as it is. Yet, it has been your consistent and collective message to me to 'organize' this work in a way that you can carry out on your own.
The new protocol is being made available to you so the option is there for you to be included in our new community.

2006 Live Session Overview
The whole idea behind The Extended Self Program rests on the foundation of somatics. To get more detailed, I'm focused on what's called the somatic osmotic process as first described by author, Thomas Hanna
[1] .

"In respect to the way that we focus our attention on other things and other people, there is a polarity that ranges from (1) completely open and acceptive of what is being experienced through (2) varying levels of withdrawal and sealing off to (3) complete closure and indifference....Every somatic function is affected by each change in what we “let into our lives.” Experience has an appetite and a preference for certain kinds of experience, and the automatic adjustment of that appetite is controlled by that preference. This adjustment of openness/closedness is as familiar as coming home to one's mother after a fight at school. Suddenly, our guard of indifference and distance is dropped; we relax; the soft hand of the parasympathetic nervous state bathes us in an experience of warmth, ease, lack of threat — a full appetitive feeling about what one is experiencing....

Home is a necessary component of somatic activity: it provides a stabilizing parameter for action. Home is, by functional definition, the place from which one goes and to which one returns...Thus, home is an abiding core of somatic activity. It is a stable part of its structure, like the core of a tree trunk, like the centrum of a tornado, or like the axis of a galaxy. In this regard, home is another word for gravity-the abiding centrum of stability away from which all things move and around whose organizing presence one maneuvers until the turn. Like gravity, home is present everywhere as the point of orientation."

To make sure that you 'get' the highest benefit of this recurring theme of The Extended Self Program I've re-invented the way I'll work with clients in person so they can continue to feel 'at home' as they transform their everyday lives.

Below is a thumbnail of my new 3-Session Intensive that can will steward clients in our brand new virtual community.

Session #1 This is where you'll encounter some of the basic tools of The Extended Self Program.
1) The Cycle of Transition - We all move through this recursive and perpetual loop on many scales.
To make any
lasting positive change, we need to learn which somatic 'dialect' we use to navigate this omnipresent undertow of life's inherent rhythms. Our exam does this. For more on the current research on life transition - click here.

2) The 4 Domains - Life is difficult enough when we know our strengths. But most of us only know our weaknesses
and limitations. This is not a foundation for growth. It only promotes a mindset of constant repair, which denies us an awareness of wholeness. Once you learn the signatures of these deep somatic elements, our work truly begins. The session concludes with a debriefing of our findings, a summary e-mail or phone call and options for 'next steps'.

Session #2 This time we'll begin to customize your somatic process. We will walk you through two somatic protocols that are self-care oriented. By adopting one or both of them, you are aligning your life with the natural rhythms that support you in your cycles of transition. We'll document more performance data and do some 'bodylearning' as well to show you have close you are to these awakenings. The follow-up e-mail will point to some relevant online resources to help you develop the skill sets this work offers. The session concludes with a debriefing again and some 'next steps'.
Session #3 Our final live session is spent discussing some long-term somatic practices that suit your global needs for well-being. The range of options is vast, so we often direct clients to specific modalities/practitioners as a way of streamlining your efforts. We'll also preview our aftercare protocol, which includes phone sessions, unlimited e-mail support and live teleclass instruction. You are then prepared to join and contribute to our virtual community somatically aware.

All sessions are $150 and payable at the time of service.
I'm excited to share this format with you and I look forward to freeing up as many people as I can this year.
Stay tuned for more news as we travel together on the Road to Soma Spotting this spring...
Change is good, but exchange is better...meet me at the bridge and we'll cross it together, MRF 02.24