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Friday, September 30, 2005

Fall Schedule - YES Center Community Nights

October 20th, November 17th and December 15th
All sessions will begin at
7:30pm and end at 9pm (officially).
$15 at the door to attend

In case you missed it, here's the basic ground rules for these evenings - Click Here -- If you're a student in the healing arts, a practitioner or a holistic minded person that wants this subculture to speak it's truth, join us for lively debate, demonstrations and TBA surprises. For now, here's a few words about each sessions' theme.

October 20th - Proactive Parenting Night
How do you handle those awkward conversations with neighbors, extended family members, teachers and mainstream-oriented pediatricians about the holistic lifestyle? Join us for a lively discussion to show parents how to constructively 'talk to the allopaths' and demystify the choices they've made for themselves and their loved ones.

November 17th - Attitude Adjustment Night
One of the keys to life satisfaction is attitude. Our social conditioning tells us that reason and logic are the primary way we need to approach the problems, challenges and conflicts we encounter. The 'brain truth' is that we have three other modes, circuits in fact, that offer us foresight, creativity and self-healing. Join us as we discuss the rhythms of living well and teach you how to shift your attitude to meet life in the moment. In the meantime, you can visit our new Open Source Healing audioblog - The Internal Optimist.

December 15th - The Politics of Pictures Night
The media is part of our lives. Whether we embrace it, fear it, or carry a healthy skepticism toward it, the media reflects a value system we're plugged into every day in some way. Join us to review and unearth the way the images we see, remember and internalize influence our sense of identity and well-being. Feel free to bring a Top 10 list of your all-time favorite movies, sporting events and cultural experiences for discussion.

One request! If you're new to our group, all I ask is a quick phone call or e-mail by 5pm the day of the meeting to confirm you're en route. It helps me get a fuzzy head count so I can properly prep for the night's session.

Content Questions? Last Minute Concerns? Scheduling Conflicts? Contact me...
e-mail - addchiro@mindspring.com
v-mail- (914) 833-3388

Hope to' share some spare time' with you soon, MRF 09.30