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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Informal Introductions

July 21st & 28th --- August 18th & 25th
1890 Palmer Avenue, Suite 401
In The Heart of Larchmont

What's this?
It's an opportunity to share your path, kick it with each other without rushing and fussing, toss around some deeper thoughts and leave more connected. If you're really interested in learning new ways to address core issues, enjoy an unscripted setting and like letting some surprises happen, this is the time and place. It's a spontaneous networking. People can still bring their toys and offerings yet the emphasis is on the best part of the meetings, the side conversations. Build, bond, & go beyond...

What happens?
We gather here circa 7pm, each person toting their own knosh food they'd like to share for the night.I'll do the same. Nothing fancy, because we may decide to flit out to one of the local place for dinner afterwards. I'll welcome everyone by 7:20 or so and then we'll skip the usual introductions and let you ask some questions to the circle. We have the back room for people who want to practice or demo for the 'table rats'. The whiteboard will be open for silent partnering (got any events to share?) and after an hour or so, we'll get back together from 8:30-9pm and connect the dots again as a group. Instead ofanswering all the questions we raised, we'll just lower them enough to appreciate the mystery more.

Who can attend?
Hey, it's casual, so clients, neighbors, and insignificant others can join us. The only catch is to enter with your passion for life intact. This is an emotionally intelligent crowd. It can handle some raw human inquiry. This is a few hours where we can drop the roles we play all day and get curious about what we're all up to everyday. When we leave, you'll have 8, 9, 10 fresh, fun ways to face the day...How much and all that?It's $15 the first time you show up and $5 after that. Pay at the door, so no need to 'register'. All I ask is a phone call or e-mail by 5pm the day of the meeting to confirm you're en route. We can host ~20people in here without being cheek to jowl. If it gets any more crowded, I'll lead the parade down to the Globe restaurant across the street, one of about 6 possible places we can adjourn to if need be...Your attendance fees include free access to my e-book and can be applied to the AUG certification weekend. I'll also give away a free subscription to "The Crossroads" each session as my gift to you.
Questions? Concerns? Conflicts? Contact me...
v-mail- (914) 833-3388
Hope to share some summertime with you, MRF 07.13