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Friday, February 24, 2006

3 Sessions, 1 Process, Go Free!

The biggest 'beef' people have with any 1-on-1 type of consulting is the time it takes to 'get it' and move on. I agree. The real 'learning' goes on out in the everyday world. Most clients come to me with physical and emotional issues that are stemming from a chronic inability to relate to themselves and others as well. We are somatically linked. I know! Take a look at how I'm planning to condense things down and launch us in a wonderful new direction -- "up & out"...All of this is in anticipation of the Soma Spotting teleclasses, which will transform how you embody the events of your life, including the ones you actually experience and the ones you cook up that make the day worth living.
New Options for 2006
Here's a fast preview of what I have in store for The Extended Self Program this year. I've taken into account the pile of e-mails, phone calls and conversations I have with clients and determined that what we really need to focus on community. That's why I'm re-orienting the protocols here to instill that message in each private client I see here. There will now be an opportunity to participate in an ongoing conversation with a new circle of lifestyle experts that are beginning to share their work with me through the new "Light The Path" web platform. More on that next month.

For now, I want to focus on the nature of the Live Sessions at the YES Center. In the past, we had several different protocols running which made each case a universe 'onto' itself. This drives us in the opposite direction of fostering a sense of community. The recent inclusion of the language of the 4 Domains has made it much easier to explore the nature of somatics and the awakenings we each experience, as life and well-being develop a sense of coherence.

Below I've described the menu of services we now have at our disposal to make our collaboration a lasting success.

If you've been a client prior to 2006...
Our Live Sessions have centered on the 'bodylearning' dimension. My background in chiropractic works like a kissing cousin to the somatic process and I've been able to use the 'stage' of the adjusting table as an informal and implicit way to help you experience yourself. I intend to keep that basic experience in place for you. All I'm going to do now is offer you the 2006 protocol as an alternate path. I realize most of you enjoy our relationship as it is. Yet, it has been your consistent and collective message to me to 'organize' this work in a way that you can carry out on your own.
The new protocol is being made available to you so the option is there for you to be included in our new community.

2006 Live Session Overview
The whole idea behind The Extended Self Program rests on the foundation of somatics. To get more detailed, I'm focused on what's called the somatic osmotic process as first described by author, Thomas Hanna
[1] .

"In respect to the way that we focus our attention on other things and other people, there is a polarity that ranges from (1) completely open and acceptive of what is being experienced through (2) varying levels of withdrawal and sealing off to (3) complete closure and indifference....Every somatic function is affected by each change in what we “let into our lives.” Experience has an appetite and a preference for certain kinds of experience, and the automatic adjustment of that appetite is controlled by that preference. This adjustment of openness/closedness is as familiar as coming home to one's mother after a fight at school. Suddenly, our guard of indifference and distance is dropped; we relax; the soft hand of the parasympathetic nervous state bathes us in an experience of warmth, ease, lack of threat — a full appetitive feeling about what one is experiencing....

Home is a necessary component of somatic activity: it provides a stabilizing parameter for action. Home is, by functional definition, the place from which one goes and to which one returns...Thus, home is an abiding core of somatic activity. It is a stable part of its structure, like the core of a tree trunk, like the centrum of a tornado, or like the axis of a galaxy. In this regard, home is another word for gravity-the abiding centrum of stability away from which all things move and around whose organizing presence one maneuvers until the turn. Like gravity, home is present everywhere as the point of orientation."

To make sure that you 'get' the highest benefit of this recurring theme of The Extended Self Program I've re-invented the way I'll work with clients in person so they can continue to feel 'at home' as they transform their everyday lives.

Below is a thumbnail of my new 3-Session Intensive that can will steward clients in our brand new virtual community.

Session #1 This is where you'll encounter some of the basic tools of The Extended Self Program.
1) The Cycle of Transition - We all move through this recursive and perpetual loop on many scales.
To make any
lasting positive change, we need to learn which somatic 'dialect' we use to navigate this omnipresent undertow of life's inherent rhythms. Our exam does this. For more on the current research on life transition - click here.

2) The 4 Domains - Life is difficult enough when we know our strengths. But most of us only know our weaknesses
and limitations. This is not a foundation for growth. It only promotes a mindset of constant repair, which denies us an awareness of wholeness. Once you learn the signatures of these deep somatic elements, our work truly begins. The session concludes with a debriefing of our findings, a summary e-mail or phone call and options for 'next steps'.

Session #2 This time we'll begin to customize your somatic process. We will walk you through two somatic protocols that are self-care oriented. By adopting one or both of them, you are aligning your life with the natural rhythms that support you in your cycles of transition. We'll document more performance data and do some 'bodylearning' as well to show you have close you are to these awakenings. The follow-up e-mail will point to some relevant online resources to help you develop the skill sets this work offers. The session concludes with a debriefing again and some 'next steps'.
Session #3 Our final live session is spent discussing some long-term somatic practices that suit your global needs for well-being. The range of options is vast, so we often direct clients to specific modalities/practitioners as a way of streamlining your efforts. We'll also preview our aftercare protocol, which includes phone sessions, unlimited e-mail support and live teleclass instruction. You are then prepared to join and contribute to our virtual community somatically aware.

All sessions are $150 and payable at the time of service.
I'm excited to share this format with you and I look forward to freeing up as many people as I can this year.
Stay tuned for more news as we travel together on the Road to Soma Spotting this spring...
Change is good, but exchange is better...meet me at the bridge and we'll cross it together, MRF 02.24

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Got any friends you'd like me to meet?

The holiday season gives us an opportunity to share things that we usually keep to ourselves. The Extended Self Program's private consulting sessions are one of those things. From now through December 31st, I'll be offering "Buddy Sessions" for all current clients. Many of you will have family and friends visiting the NY area during the next month or so that need my help or health advise. For them, we can take on your scheduled times to see me and spend a full hour taking care of both you and your loved one. The usual cost for a new client intake is $150. For the duration of the holiday season, it'll cost $100 for both you. If you are a pre-payer, then it'll only cost $50 to 'extend' your time during on of your two visits to the YES Center in December and let me work up one your weary travelers...
Now, if you have friends and family outside the area that want to set up a phone session with me that's also just $50 for a 30-minute call. You can pay for them and surprise them with a gift certificate e-mail or just let them know you got them a half-hour with that crazy guy you see in Larchmont. We can address any/all of their concerns about their health, lifestyle or their various resources of the program. The best part for them is that they get questions answered about themselves and their family members in one shot. So be sure and tell them how valuable this opportunity is...
And remember, if you're a newbie, the first consultation
with me is always no charge...
One Call Starts It All
Toll Free V-Mail: (866) 296-4907
Local V-Mail: (914) 833-3388
If you feel you need a more detailed explanation or if what I've offered raised some new questions, just e-mail me directly at addchiro@mindspring.com -- I'll get back to you ASAP...
Have a fantastic voyage this holiday season...I hope to cross paths with some of your crew...MRF 11.23
PS: Be sure and send off a group e-mail to your circle and get everyone enrolled with Wavelengths and our Blogs!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Launching Pad

Greetings --

This is a special invitation for you to join my new audioblog network called Open Source Healing!

For a fast summary - Click Here

I've designed a simple way to let people HEAR the voices and messages of the many healers, change agents and innovators I've come into contact with around the world. It's free to access and free to join. This is an ideal way to reach people outside of your local network. If you're planning to host teleclasses, a virtual book signing or offer new web-services, this'll give people a way to get familiar with your voice and style.

One of the things that's unique to Open Source Healing is that unlike most forms of marketing, your audioblog is not really directed to the public. It's really up there for you to spend a few minutes each day you chose to post an entry in deep harmony with your work, your message, your vision.

I've been posting for 7 weeks now on my audio-blog, The Internal Optimist -- Spend a few minutes right now to subscribe on the site. What you'll find in practicing this 'digital meditation' is that you'll stay focused and get more effective in your conversations with your clients, peers and business contacts.

Your healing audioblog will be your own creation and will be linked with other audioblogs through Open Source Healing in an ever-expanding network. Since blogs are free and super easy to start and update, this is going to really take off. And you can be a part of it!

To take the next step - Click Here

If you're not interested in putting up an audioblog yourself, you can still contribute to Open Source Healing by forwarding this email to people in your circle of contact who would benefit from listening to a variety of healing messages anytime they need one. Just that is a gift itself.

I look forward to our co-evolution, MRF 11.05

"Do not trouble yourself much to get new things,
whether clothes or friends... Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts."
Henry David Thoreau


Friday, September 30, 2005

Fall Schedule - YES Center Community Nights

October 20th, November 17th and December 15th
All sessions will begin at
7:30pm and end at 9pm (officially).
$15 at the door to attend

In case you missed it, here's the basic ground rules for these evenings - Click Here -- If you're a student in the healing arts, a practitioner or a holistic minded person that wants this subculture to speak it's truth, join us for lively debate, demonstrations and TBA surprises. For now, here's a few words about each sessions' theme.

October 20th - Proactive Parenting Night
How do you handle those awkward conversations with neighbors, extended family members, teachers and mainstream-oriented pediatricians about the holistic lifestyle? Join us for a lively discussion to show parents how to constructively 'talk to the allopaths' and demystify the choices they've made for themselves and their loved ones.

November 17th - Attitude Adjustment Night
One of the keys to life satisfaction is attitude. Our social conditioning tells us that reason and logic are the primary way we need to approach the problems, challenges and conflicts we encounter. The 'brain truth' is that we have three other modes, circuits in fact, that offer us foresight, creativity and self-healing. Join us as we discuss the rhythms of living well and teach you how to shift your attitude to meet life in the moment. In the meantime, you can visit our new Open Source Healing audioblog - The Internal Optimist.

December 15th - The Politics of Pictures Night
The media is part of our lives. Whether we embrace it, fear it, or carry a healthy skepticism toward it, the media reflects a value system we're plugged into every day in some way. Join us to review and unearth the way the images we see, remember and internalize influence our sense of identity and well-being. Feel free to bring a Top 10 list of your all-time favorite movies, sporting events and cultural experiences for discussion.

One request! If you're new to our group, all I ask is a quick phone call or e-mail by 5pm the day of the meeting to confirm you're en route. It helps me get a fuzzy head count so I can properly prep for the night's session.

Content Questions? Last Minute Concerns? Scheduling Conflicts? Contact me...
e-mail - addchiro@mindspring.com
v-mail- (914) 833-3388

Hope to' share some spare time' with you soon, MRF 09.30

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Informal Introductions

July 21st & 28th --- August 18th & 25th
1890 Palmer Avenue, Suite 401
In The Heart of Larchmont

What's this?
It's an opportunity to share your path, kick it with each other without rushing and fussing, toss around some deeper thoughts and leave more connected. If you're really interested in learning new ways to address core issues, enjoy an unscripted setting and like letting some surprises happen, this is the time and place. It's a spontaneous networking. People can still bring their toys and offerings yet the emphasis is on the best part of the meetings, the side conversations. Build, bond, & go beyond...

What happens?
We gather here circa 7pm, each person toting their own knosh food they'd like to share for the night.I'll do the same. Nothing fancy, because we may decide to flit out to one of the local place for dinner afterwards. I'll welcome everyone by 7:20 or so and then we'll skip the usual introductions and let you ask some questions to the circle. We have the back room for people who want to practice or demo for the 'table rats'. The whiteboard will be open for silent partnering (got any events to share?) and after an hour or so, we'll get back together from 8:30-9pm and connect the dots again as a group. Instead ofanswering all the questions we raised, we'll just lower them enough to appreciate the mystery more.

Who can attend?
Hey, it's casual, so clients, neighbors, and insignificant others can join us. The only catch is to enter with your passion for life intact. This is an emotionally intelligent crowd. It can handle some raw human inquiry. This is a few hours where we can drop the roles we play all day and get curious about what we're all up to everyday. When we leave, you'll have 8, 9, 10 fresh, fun ways to face the day...How much and all that?It's $15 the first time you show up and $5 after that. Pay at the door, so no need to 'register'. All I ask is a phone call or e-mail by 5pm the day of the meeting to confirm you're en route. We can host ~20people in here without being cheek to jowl. If it gets any more crowded, I'll lead the parade down to the Globe restaurant across the street, one of about 6 possible places we can adjourn to if need be...Your attendance fees include free access to my e-book and can be applied to the AUG certification weekend. I'll also give away a free subscription to "The Crossroads" each session as my gift to you.
Questions? Concerns? Conflicts? Contact me...
v-mail- (914) 833-3388
Hope to share some summertime with you, MRF 07.13

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Seeing Somas

I've taken on some obscure concepts in my career. Here's a short list:

the assemblege point
the holographic universe
chaos & complexity
innate intelligence
inherent recuperative power
cotention & ditention
and the I-persona to name a few....

None of them are as obvious as the one I'm working with now: somas -- Long-time clients, relatives who have long since given up understanding what I do, and people IN the field of somatics continue to butcher this most obvious of *things*. I figured the least I could do was use this forum to visually celebrate the variety of somas I spot almost everywhere and attempt to make this word roll of the tongue a little easier. Once you can see how easy it is to spot a soma *in the wild*, it may get a little easier to work within your own. I say maybe!

The moment you 'see a soma' you get an immediate bodily response. We ignore most somas we encounter. The trees, birds, insects, and front lawns just don't offer much in the way of novelty to us after awhile. But if we practice somatic indifference with these milds somas, we tend to overreact to the more turbulent ones like traffic jams, thunderstorms and lines at the bank drive-thru (yes, they're somas too!). This makes the somas in the middle ground that spike and then return to baseline, like a mercury retrograde or a family vacation seem as if they aren't as solid and concrete as the ones at either extreme.
After awhile, you'll realize that a soma of any stripe can be seen and felt and interrelated with you, the universe and everything in between. I promise. So once and for all...--- somas are just self-moving and self-experiencing sensory-motor systems - Rather than debate the endless mind-body-spirit-soul argument, just substitute the word soma for experience and you're there. If you go further and 'see' that experience in the 1st person, you've entered that soma. When you get lost in a novel or a movie or a deep conversation, you've crossed the boundaries of another soma. The emotional ebb you get when you put the book down, leave the theater, or hang up the phone is just you exiting the confines of that soma.
So let's start with the obvious ones for now and raise our collective sensitivity as we drop all the jargon and grasp the concept of somas and their role in your co-creativity...I'll post more pictures as my Blogger learning curve begins to flatten out....
As usual, your comments are welcome and essential. So are my snappy comebacks. ;)

In Tacit Reflection, MRF 05.21