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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Got any friends you'd like me to meet?

The holiday season gives us an opportunity to share things that we usually keep to ourselves. The Extended Self Program's private consulting sessions are one of those things. From now through December 31st, I'll be offering "Buddy Sessions" for all current clients. Many of you will have family and friends visiting the NY area during the next month or so that need my help or health advise. For them, we can take on your scheduled times to see me and spend a full hour taking care of both you and your loved one. The usual cost for a new client intake is $150. For the duration of the holiday season, it'll cost $100 for both you. If you are a pre-payer, then it'll only cost $50 to 'extend' your time during on of your two visits to the YES Center in December and let me work up one your weary travelers...
Now, if you have friends and family outside the area that want to set up a phone session with me that's also just $50 for a 30-minute call. You can pay for them and surprise them with a gift certificate e-mail or just let them know you got them a half-hour with that crazy guy you see in Larchmont. We can address any/all of their concerns about their health, lifestyle or their various resources of the program. The best part for them is that they get questions answered about themselves and their family members in one shot. So be sure and tell them how valuable this opportunity is...
And remember, if you're a newbie, the first consultation
with me is always no charge...
One Call Starts It All
Toll Free V-Mail: (866) 296-4907
Local V-Mail: (914) 833-3388
If you feel you need a more detailed explanation or if what I've offered raised some new questions, just e-mail me directly at addchiro@mindspring.com -- I'll get back to you ASAP...
Have a fantastic voyage this holiday season...I hope to cross paths with some of your crew...MRF 11.23
PS: Be sure and send off a group e-mail to your circle and get everyone enrolled with Wavelengths and our Blogs!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Launching Pad

Greetings --

This is a special invitation for you to join my new audioblog network called Open Source Healing!

For a fast summary - Click Here

I've designed a simple way to let people HEAR the voices and messages of the many healers, change agents and innovators I've come into contact with around the world. It's free to access and free to join. This is an ideal way to reach people outside of your local network. If you're planning to host teleclasses, a virtual book signing or offer new web-services, this'll give people a way to get familiar with your voice and style.

One of the things that's unique to Open Source Healing is that unlike most forms of marketing, your audioblog is not really directed to the public. It's really up there for you to spend a few minutes each day you chose to post an entry in deep harmony with your work, your message, your vision.

I've been posting for 7 weeks now on my audio-blog, The Internal Optimist -- Spend a few minutes right now to subscribe on the site. What you'll find in practicing this 'digital meditation' is that you'll stay focused and get more effective in your conversations with your clients, peers and business contacts.

Your healing audioblog will be your own creation and will be linked with other audioblogs through Open Source Healing in an ever-expanding network. Since blogs are free and super easy to start and update, this is going to really take off. And you can be a part of it!

To take the next step - Click Here

If you're not interested in putting up an audioblog yourself, you can still contribute to Open Source Healing by forwarding this email to people in your circle of contact who would benefit from listening to a variety of healing messages anytime they need one. Just that is a gift itself.

I look forward to our co-evolution, MRF 11.05

"Do not trouble yourself much to get new things,
whether clothes or friends... Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts."
Henry David Thoreau